Adair Park

Imagine a nabe with parks, friendly neighbors, and easy access to Downtown—voila! You have Adair Park. This tight-knit community just minutes from the city is the kind of place where you are greeted with lemonade stands and open arms. Adair Park is filled with four unique parks, old bungalows and green gardens, but its close proximity to MARTA ensures you will never miss any of the city’s action.

Adair Park Data

Top Attributes
  • Students 9.3
  • Artists/Creatives 8.5
  • Community 8.3
  • Quiet 8.3
  • Pet friendly 8.3
Lowest Attributes
  • Public Transportation 4.2
  • Shopping 3.8
  • Singles 1.7
  • Income 0.8
  • Families 0.0

Adair Park Review

Beatiful little nabe!

I happened upon Adair Park one afternoon while I was trying to avoid traffic on my way home from downtown. At first glance, I thought it was quaint and quiet. But then I volunteered at the Salvation Army community center in the neighborhood and realize that it is not always so quiet. I certainly do not mean this in a bad way! When I revisited the neighborhood people were throwing barbeques at the park, yelling competitive jibs at other peoples kids in the little league baseball game, and dancing to old school music blaring from someone’s phone! It was fun, and amazing. So while this nabe may look, at first glance, like a quiet and neat little nabe, its actually a fun family community that knows how to have a little fun.

What’s awesome

Parks and community centers.

What’s not so awesome

Not so active in the winter months.

Krystal O.

Trees, Parks, and Paths, OH MY!

Adair Park is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet suburb without leaving the city. This is echoed in the close community feel that this nabe has. I mean, come on. How could somewhere that has an annual “Pie-Off” not be borderline Pleasantville? This nabe is also part of the BeltLine trail and development—a cool community project that aims to connect various landmarks and neighborhoods around Atlanta with roads and paths. Adair Park is definitely dominated by families. But with a weekly farmers market in the summer, and four parks, and lots of bike paths and a safe neighborhood feel, what else did you expect?

What’s awesome


What’s not so awesome

mostly for families

Chelsea F.