Ansley Park

Ansley Park is all about the harmony of aesthetics. Designed to be an oasis in the middle of a bustling city, this nabe features historic Victorian and Colonial homes (some with gas lights) and three peaceful parks: Ansley, Winn, and Yonah Park. It may be easy to forget, but right next door is Midtown, home of the Woodruff Arts Center, Piedmont Park (think NYC’s Central Park), and a dense area filled with businesses and restaurants. With dream-like homes and so much to choose from, the residents of Ansley Park have the best of both worlds.

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Top Attributes

Pet friendly 9.0
Clean 9.0
Green space 8.1
Safety 8.0
Empty nesters 7.8
Lowest Attributes
Nightlife 5.0
Quiet 5.0
Singles 4.0
Families 3.1
Parking 3.0


Top Reviews


A neighborhood of gorgeous historic homes and jewel-like parks, Ansley Park is one of the most beautiful places in Atlanta. If I was going to drop a $1M+ on a home, this is where I would do it. You’ve got Midtown on one side, Piedmont Park on the other, and your own little slice of heaven in between.

What’s awesome

historic homes, unbeatable location, pocket parks,

What’s not so awesome

confusing roads


People also tend to forget about Ansley Park Playhouse (formerly Peachtree Playhouse). Its a adorable little cozy venue where every seat is the front seat. They put on independent plays, some are even written my local artists. The theater also moonlights as a comedy club!

What’s awesome

The different arts and entertainment in the area, from indie companies to large productions and venues.

What’s not so awesome



Ansley Park surprised me the first time I drove through it. I thought, “Did I just go from skyscrapers to historic mansions and parks in just one turn?”. With Midtown on one side and Piedmont Park on the other, anyone living here is damn lucky. There are a few small parks that are great places to have lunch in if you work nearby and a few playgrounds for kids.

Midtown offers modern urban attractions such as the Woodruff Arts Center, which consists of the High Museum, Alliance Theatre, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and several upscale restaurants and even a decent nightlife.

There is also good public transportation with the Arts Center station and many buses along Peachtree Rd. Beware if you are visiting because parking is tough, so either take MARTA or be prepared to go to a parking deck.

Lastly, the homes are similar to Inman Park, Victorian and gorgeous. You probably won’t find much for sale here since this is one of Atlanta’s most historic neighborhoods with very few people moving. If you want to be in this area, then check out nearby condos.

What’s awesome

Parks, Homes, Transportation

What’s not so awesome

House prices and availability


Ansley Park is just obviously expensive when you realize where it is. It borders Midtown and Piedmont Park, it has a golf course right there. I always seriously wondered what was out there to the east of Monroe Drive when I’d be driving to Midtown or something else…and then I learned about this neighborhood.

Let’s just say after seeing the median household income, I won’t be living here anytime soon.