Boulevard Heights

Do you dream of living in a friendly neighborhood—one that has block parties and neighborhood cleanups? Are you worried you can’t bear the thought of parting with your beloved city life? Never fear, my friend. Boulevard Heights is just the solution for you. BOHO (a local nickname) is a know-your-neighbor kind of nabe, only a few short minutes from Downtown. With a community garden and year-round events here, you will never feel left out. Come see if Boulevard Heights lives up to its self-proclaimed title as “Atlanta’s best kept secret.”

Top Attributes

Green space

Lowest Attributes

Empty nesters

Top Reviews

Not quite there
I didn’t have the best feeling while touring this neighborhood. Half of it is an army base, and the other half consists of ghetto apartments, a few decent looking condos, projects, and a couple houses—a majority of these houses were boarded up or vacant.

It’s a far cry from next-door neighborhood, Ormewood Park. On the bright side though, the BeltLine project is supposed to run by Boulevard Heights, so we may see a turn around. It most likely won’t be for another 7-10 years.

What’s awesome
Home prices are very low for an in-town nabe

What’s not so awesome
Looks as if there is a fair amount of crime. Also, the atmosphere is a little bleak.

Your quintessential southern nabe, with gorgeous houses and massive trees. This mellow nabe has some serious charm to it, it drips from the trees. People here are friendly and into their nabe, so there is a tight-nit community that likes to do stuff together, which makes this a great family nabe.

This is an entirely residential nabe, so dining and shopping options don’t exist, and mass transit is kind of a travesty down in these parts. But the nabe is quiet and peaceful, and the community vibe is something to be excited about.

What’s awesome
cute houses, nice lawns, sweet peeps

What’s not so awesome
location, transit, can be sketch in certain areas

Why so Many Secrets, ATL?
Boulevard Heights is, residents claim, Atlanta’s best kept secret. A lot of neighborhoods in Atlanta make this claim—and it usually true. there seems to be a lot of secrets in Atl. It is part of SAND: South Atlantans for neighborhood Development. This collective is made up of six south Atlanta neighborhoods (Benteen, Boulevard Heights, McDonough, Ormewood Park, North Ormewood Park, and Woodland Hills. Usually when a neighborhood association has some sort of acronym, you know they mean business (think PETA, MTV, IKEA, you get the idea.) While I don’t usually find myself south of I-20, this nabe near the zoo and Grant Park seems pretty cool.
Apparently residents call this nabe BOHO, which I am all about.
I was skeptical when I read that BOHO is Atlanta’s best kept secret, but after reading through the nabe’s Facebook page, it seems like this actually is a secret tight-knit community filled with people who are passionate about Atlanta and their neighborhood—who knew?

What’s awesome
active community

What’s not so awesome
location—a bit sketchy