Carey Park

Carey Park is a western nabe of Atlanta named after the park that lies within its borders. This park, along with AD Williams Park, provides plenty of recreation and sports opportunities for children. The homes of Carey Park are a mix of mid-century ranches and bungalows as well as modest Craftsman style homes built in the past decade. Carey Park has undergone some changes within the last few years; one major change was the demolition of Bowen Homes, a government housing project. There are no current redevelopment plans for the land, but the vacancy provides a great opportunity for growth in the neighborhood.

Carey Park Data

Top Attributes
  • Parking 8.3
  • Quiet 6.7
  • Pet friendly 5.0
  • Nightlife 5.0
  • Green space  4.2
Lowest Attributes
  • Singles 2.5
  • Public Transportation 2.5
  • Seniors 1.7
  • Empty nesters 1.7
  • Families 1.7

Top Reviews

Carey Park is an urban nabe in west Atlanta. While this nabe has never had the best reputation, the recent demolition of Bowen Homes housing project is surely a step toward improvement.
Ellie B.

The land that time forgot
Carey Park is another decaying area of western Atlanta. For the most part, any area on the western edge or in southwest Atlanta is like the land that time forgot. I think what happened is during the mid to late 1990s eastern Atlanta was being redeveloped, and some people were forced to move to southwestern Atlanta. Basically the problem was transferred to another area of the city. I hope that’s just a rumor, or that it’s just a matter of time before the land that time forgot is remembered again.

For now, unless you are looking to pay cash for a home—many are foreclosed—it may be best to look at another area.

What’s awesome
Houses are CHEAP, close to I-285

What’s not so awesome
Rundown, not much to do
Jennifer M.