Chastain Park is a recreational paradise hidden on the outskirts of the city proper. Boasting a golf course, running trails, tennis courts, and the Chastain Park Amphitheater, this nabe has a lot to offer those trying to escape the urban jungle. Since it’s located on the border of the city just before you hit the suburbs, Chastain can feel like you have one foot in the city and one foot outside it. Come here for a concert or kick back and relax—Chastain is Atlanta’s playground

Top Attributes
  • Empty nesters
  • Green space
  • Clean
  • Pet friendly
  • Wealthy*
Lowest Attributes
  • Dining
  • Parking
  • Singles
  • Public Transportation
  • Families

Top Reviews

Everyone should come here at least once

Located west of Buckhead on the northern-most border of Atlanta, Chastain Park breaches the suburbs of this sprawling city. And you can feel it too. It’s sort of like the jolty part of a free-fall ride; when you think the ride is about to stop then you are sent soaring up into the air again. Once you think it’s about to be completely suburban, you’re smacked back into an urban area. This is mainly due to Roswell Rd. being adjacent to Chastain.

Along Roswell, which stretches for miles and is a twin to Peachtree Rd. in length and use, are several restaurants, shopping centers, and the beginning of the 1970s and 80s built apartments.

The park itself is a hub of activity with a golf course, running trail, tennis courts, athletic club, and an outdoor concert arena—Chastain Park Amphitheater. Surrounding the park is an upscale residential area, and the artsy private school Galloway.

The main attraction if you don’t live here, and a lot of headache for those who do live here, is the amphitheater. Hosting a wide spectrum of concerts Spring through Fall, this concert space sees a lot of action. It’s also one of my favorite concert spaces, if only they had good shows. When I say wide spectrum think Celine Dione and Ziggy Marley. Every once in a while they have a good show. But that’s not the point! I don’t think most people go to Chastain to see a good show. I think, no, I know they go there for the majestic space that it’s in. Imagine the peacefulness of the pines on a starry night with a light breeze blowing and a picnic of beer, wine, cheese plates, and fried chicken. Yep, you can bring your own food and drink spread. If you can afford the tables towards the front of the stage, you can feel like you are at your own outdoor/concert restaurant.

Chastain Park is an experience every Atlantan should have. Come here, play a round of golf, walk the dog, and enjoy an outdoor concert. It’s divine.

What’s awesome

Concert space, recreational amenities, proximity to city

What’s not so awesome

Parking and Noise


home to one of my favorite parks..guess its name!

Chastain Park is a pretty all purpose park and obviously so useful it has a neighborhood named after it. If you’re driving down Roswell Road on the day of a concert, you will probably see some idiots hawking tickets to whatever is going on that night, since I’m obviously just going to stop and purchase tickets through the passenger side window of my car…no.

I have never been to a concert here, in fact, I don’t even know where exactly they take place in Chastain Park. That’s how big it is.

There’s a golf course that terrifies me because it’s too close to the street. There’s a horse park. There are the usual baseball fields and tennis courts, and a pool. One of the best things I think is the 3 mile loop walking trail around the park. I really love the PATH Foundation trails around Atlanta, and this is no exception. They’re really helpful and tell you the elevation and distance on signs as you go, and they keep you going in the right direction, which isn’t too much of a problem here.

Then there’s the surrounding neighborhood, of course. This is a very residential area, though there are a couple places in the park area, but otherwise it’s not too far to Roswell road. I’ve driven through here when I want to get to something on NorthsideDrive without going to interstates, and the houses I’ve seen are niiiiiice. I’ve cut through to Northside on Tuxedo and Blackland Roads and I couldn’t help but stare. Nice place.

For now I’ll just visit for the incredibly nice park. While it’s not Piedmont, it has free parking and it’s about to be the closer park to me.

What’s awesome

the park

What’s not so awesome

the speed bumps on Wieuca through the park are the size of elephants