With borders touching Adamsville, Green Forest Acres, and Ben Hill Terrace, Fairburn Mays fits right into the “wooded suburban” mold of southwestern Atlanta. This nabe’s modern houses range in size from one-story abodes to spacious hilltop properties, intermixed with a sprinkling of apartments and an abundance of greenery. Residents benefit from having basic amenities down the street, including a park, shopping plaza, and even a hospital. I-285 lies directly east of Fairburn Mays, taking you north into Buckhead and providing easy access to Downtown.

Top Attributes

Parking 8.3
Quiet 7.5
Pet friendly 5.0
Clean 5.0
Empty nesters 5.0

Lowest Attributes
Families 3.3
Community 2.5
Singles 1.7
Shopping 1.7
Dining 1.7


Top Reviews

Erin S.
Erin S.
Erin S. visited here before
Decent but a little ugly
Fairburn Mays has its fair share of amenities, but personally I’d rather go out of town to get my groceries and go to the doctor. The businesses/shopping plazas in this nabe tend to look pretty run down and unappealing, even if they are convenient. But if you’re majorly hungry you can always go to one of this nabe’s chain restaurants or fast food joints (think Applebee’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks).

Houses in Fairburn Mays aren’t all that bad – most of them look fairly new, although some residential streets have even started to become cookie-cutter neighborhoods. There’s a few apartments too, and generally this area isn’t as expensive as some of the other surrounding suburban nabes. Fairburn Mays is convenient, but maybe not one of the most attractive places to live.

What’s awesome
available amenities, newer homes, bus stops on major streets

What’s not so awesome

Krystal O.
Krystal O.
Krystal O. visits here regularly
Six Flags!!!
This area is controversial, because many say this area and others that surround Six Flags Over Georgia should look beeter than they do. Its such a huge tourist spot, and many people come to visit Six Flags but don’t want to stay at hotels in these neighborhoods. Even though Mays is about three exits away from Six Flags, it is an extention of the bad neighborhoods just blocks away from the theme park. People practically have to go to Cobb county to find a hotel that has clean sheets. The Fairburn/Mays section of Atlanta features other establishments that many think the area should be cleaned up for, like the Fulton County Airport, the Southwest Atlanta Hospital, and many conference centers. Everything from here to above Fulton Industrial is pretty broken down and busted.

What’s awesome
Close to Six Flags, and some nice parks.

What’s not so awesome
Its not a place where I would want to board my private plane…or go to the hospital.