Glenrose Heights

Glenrose Heights is a quiet neighborhood in southeast Atlanta just inside city borderlines. This strictly residential nabe is filled with quaint ranch style homes with spacious front yards. Residents looking for rec options enjoy Empire Park’s basketball and tennis courts and open fields. Glenrose Heights also enjoys some fine transit options—I-75 serves as its western borderline and Hartsield-Jackson airport is only a few minutes away.

Glenrose Heights Data
Top Attributes
  • Gritty 7.5
  • Quiet 7.5
  • Community 5.0
  • Clean 5.0
  • Pet friendly 5.0
Lowest Attributes
  • Public Transportation 2.5
  • Families 2.5
  • Shopping 2.5
  • Singles 2.5
  • Income 0.6

Top Reviews

starter home

super far removed from the city. this doesnt have any urban elements on central atlanta. feels very suburban and quiet. slightly gritty? nothing horrible though, this seems like it’d be a good place for a family starter-home.

Evan D.