With a well-known shopping mall and buzzing nightlife scene, Greenbriar is quite a hub of activity! Located in southwestern Atlanta next to Ben Hill, Princeton Lakes, and Southwest, Greenbriar is a convenient gathering place for many nearby locals. Though less residential and more “hangout zone,” Greenbriar boasts its fair share of housing, including some apartments and many sizable modern homes. With the intersection of I-285 and Langford Parkway marking its northern border, getting in and out of Greenbriar is easy for all!

Greenbriar Data

Top Attributes
  • Parkin  8.8
  • Dining 7.5
  • Singles 6.3
  • Shopping 6.3
  • Nightlife 6.3
Lowest Attributes
  • Safety 3.8
  • Seniors 3.6
  • Empty nesters 2.7
  • Families 1.3
  • Income 1.0

Greenbriar Review

Mall Town USA

First of all, the fact that the only photographs uploaded by the community were of the Greenbriar Mall gave a pretty accurate depiction of this nabe. About half of the area is filled by the mall and surrounding department stores. Encircling the mall are a few commercial offices, and surprisingly enough, retirement communities. I counted about 4 large-sized retirement/apartment communities as I drove down Greenbriar Parkway. With the mall so close by and a few parks scattered here and there, there is some entertainment possibilities for the local seniors.

The small residential neighborhoods in Greenbriar are pretty cool too. Many of the homes have very unique architectural and exterior color, a big change from some of the more bland, cookie-cutter homes in some of the surrounding nabes.

Definitely be warned, however, because the city of College Park is right next door, and the mall can have a tendency to get a little bit dicey at night with the local teens lurking about.

What’s awesome

The Mall, cool houses, close to the freeways

What’s not so awesome

the mall, near College Park.

Andrew Oren


kinda sketch, but a cool place to hang

Greenbriar is kinda strange – it’s surrounded by all these suburban neighborhoods but mostly consists of specialty clothes/shoe stores and random bars. I guess this is where locals come to have fun! Most people know Greenbriar for its mall, which has a long history with plenty of ups and downs, but for the most part remains a popular place to visit (and also provides some pretty sweet urban gear). This is where most people go to buy hip hop clothes and ghetto kicks. As you can guess, it’s not the safest of nabes, but as long as you’re not out wandering the streets at night, you should be ok.

What’s awesome

shopping, specialty stores, nightlife

What’s not so awesome

not really somewhere you want to be walking around at night



Rough around the edges

This neighborhood is not the safest in the world,but its a staple for most Atlantan’s. The Pearl Bistro & Bar is a favorite night spot for those 25 and up,and its one of my favorite clubs in the city! Greenbriar Mall doesn’t offer much, and its not that great to look at, but many people are devoted patrons of the mall. They also have a pretty good food court at this mall. A neighbor to Ben Hill, Greenbriar is easy to access from all over the city, and MARTA runs through it and around it! Its a great place for dining, shopping, and a bit of the nightlife too. But it is still an urban area, so I’d be careful at night. The clubs all offer free valet parking for unescorted ladies, so be sure to take advantage of that!

What’s awesome

Small mall, great food, nice clubs.

What’s not so awesome

It can be dangerous

Krystal O.