Just Us

Just Us may consist of only two residential streets, but this tiny nabe is known for its community spirit and ideal location. The quaint brick houses of Just Us lie only a short walk away from bus lines, parks, and the Washington Park Library—ideal for getting around by foot! In addition, this nabe is less than a mile from the Ashby MARTA station, which leads adventure-seeking residents through Atlanta University to the bustling excitement of Downtown.

Just Us Data

Top Attributes
  • Community
  • Quiet
  • Parking
  • Public Transportation
  • Pet friendly
Lowest Attributes
  • Singles
  • Families
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Income

Just Us Review

Just Us for a reason

I want to know who “just us” is. I imagine “just us” to be a group of families who decided back in the 1960s, when this neighborhood was probably ok to live in, that they were going to stay no matter what.

Just Us is located a few minutes from Downtown Atlanta and next to AUC (Atlanta University Center), which is home to Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta University. Because of its proximity to these colleges/university you may find some students living here, but it mainly seems to be multigenerational families. Some of the homes are vacant and/or boarded up. There are a few recently built homes, but they are definitely not in the majority.

On a positive note, it is rather quiet for an area that’s so close to the heart of the city. While I didn’t get a sketchy vibe here, something feels unsafe about Just Us.

What’s awesome

Proximity to Downtown

What’s not so awesome

Rundown homes, slightly unsafe

Jennifer M.

Cute and convenient

Just Us was the first black-owned/constructed neighborhood in Atlanta. This nabe is so tiny you might miss it the first couple of times around, but it’s definitely worth a walk around, with its charming brick houses and unmistakable sense of community. Though Just Us remains all residential, bus stops and the Ashby MARTA station are within walking distance, making it easy to get around if you don’t happen to have a car. Residents of Just Us can easily hop on a bus or train into Downtown for a bit of fun, or stay local and hang out at the park or library.

What’s awesome

community vibe, easy public transportation

Erin S.