Paces is a small nabe in Atlanta sitting in between the city of Vinings and Margaret Mitchell. Paces is a pleasant and cozy residential area. A great place to bike, walk, or use public transit, Paces provides a beautiful backdrop to a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Paces Data

Top Attributes
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  • Safety
  • Empty nesters
  • Clean
  • Families
  • Green space
Lowest Attributes
  • Nightlife
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Public Transportation
  • Singles

Paces Review

Revisions to description

The Paces neighborhood does not include the Atlanta History Center. That is located in Peachtree Heights West. The Paces neighborhood begins on Mount Paran Road between Northside Parkway and Paces Ferry Road and continues Northwest to the Chattahoochee River. There are no businesses located in the Paces neighborhood

Greg L.

Paces residents have got it made

Paces is a large sprawling nabe with plenty of open space and its fair share of humongous mansions. Though not every house is a mansion, it’s pretty safe to say that every house here is impressive to say the least. 2-acre properties and 4+ bedroom houses are the norm here in Paces.

Location is a large part of what makes Paces so desirable – to the west you’ve got the Chattahoochee River (lots of outdoor recreation, breathtaking scenery) and to the east, Interstate 75 will take you into Downtown and into all of Atlanta’s hotspots.

Overall, Paces is great if you have the money, although most residents are long-term and you’re lucky if you can find a house for sale!

What’s awesome

convenient location, incredible houses, close to river

What’s not so awesome

car-dependent, expensive, hard to nab a home here

Erin S.

along the river

Paces is as far northeast as you can go in Atlanta/Buckhead before reaching evil Cobb county. Ok, just kidding, it’s just Vinings, and it’s a pretty nice place to have nearby. Paces is bordered by the Chattahoochee River on the east.

It’s for the most part a residential area, and since it’s Buckhead, it’s a very, very nice area. It’s of course, a very exclusive area.

It’s close to both Interstates 75 and 285, plus the rest of Buckhead isn’t too far away.

What’s awesome

it’s beautiful

What’s not so awesome

expensive area

Amanda D.