Located smack in the middle of Buckhead, Wyngate is a nabe of winding streets, mellow hills, and glorious houses. This is one of those neighborhoods where you forget that you are actually living in a huge metropolis–this nabe is densely wooded and serene. As long as you don’t mind having to drive a few minutes for basic amenities, you’ll be perfectly happy here! Wyngate is a beautiful forest nabe to kick back and relax in.

Wyngate Data

Top Attributes
  • Empty nesters
  • Safety
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Seniors
Lowest Attributes
  • Community
  • Public Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Singles

Wyngate Review


On all sides of this little, wooded, lazy community are large shopping centers and complexes, though no one would know this once you enter the neighborhood. Wildlife may make surprise appearances in your back yard, but less than ten minutes away isMidtown, the Margaret Mitchell House, the District at Howell Mill shopping center, and ample food, dining, and entertainment. When in this area I always make it a point to stop and have dinner at LaParilla Mexican Restaurant. I have spent weekends bike riding and walking through wooded areas in this section of Atlanta. You don’t have to be a resident to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

What’s awesome

easy access to amenities, shopping, and entertainment, while still preserving a level of exclusivity and quiet.

What’s not so awesome

If you dont’ like the outdoors, bug, and animals, this is not the place to live.

Krystal O.

The beginning of Mansionland

Wyngate makes me feel like I should be sipping tea and petting a Persian cat named Prissy. This neighborhood is fancy pants! If you are visiting from the hours of 10 AM-12PM, you will get a chance to meet the pool boy, lawn-care servicemen, and perhaps the butler fetching the mail. But I must give it credit. It’s not as snooty as say Northsideor Paces, where you are really in the thick of mansionland.

Wyngate is located near Collier Hills and the end of the Buckhead area before getting into Midtown. Therefore, amenities and businesses are just a few blocks away, so the suburban feel is somewhat short-lived. Also, it adds a bit of accessible culture and noise, keeping you somewhat grounded and mindful that not everyone has a gate and security cameras.

What’s awesome

Various architecture styles, landscaping, privacy

What’s not so awesome

A bit ritzy and lacking culture

Jennifer M.

cottage in the woods… but bigger

while it’s clearly a wealthy area, wyngate’s nice because it doesn’t cross that line from wealthy into gaudiness or being over-opulent. Homes are nice and many are pretty large, but the architecture is stylish and tasteful, and all in all the place has this “cottage in the woods” feel, it just so happens that the cottages are, er, a bit larger. Probably not an amazing place for young bar-hoppers but Id raise a family here.

Erik S.